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                1. Mission: Safer, Healthier, Happier

                The safeness of products is the basic requirement. Creating healthier life is the promise to employees and society. We try to make our life will be more substantial, perfect, happier.

                2. Spirit: Conscientious and Responsible, PursuingTruth and Reality, Innovative and Enterprising

                Put the responsibility in the first place and do everything carefully. Do everything according to the reality and learn everything in all levels. Non-stop innovation and improvement bring up energy and happiness.

                3、Core Value: Stabilization, Leading Edge, Innovation, Win-Win

                Stabilization:Products, Employees, Operating

                To make sure the quality of products canbe improved steadily and that customers will be more satisfied. Innovating in the human resources is to make employees more useful. When the enterprise develops, we can bear more social responsibility.

                Leading edge: Efficiency, Culture, Benefit

                The efficiency of production and workingcan provide reliable source for the durative competition of our products. The construction of enterprise culture can keep enterprise live longer. Also, we should keep economic benefit in the lead.

                Innovation: Technology, Consciousness, Management

                We need to improve the technology of product to make enterprise more competitive. Then reform the consciousness tomake them vigorous. Last administrators improve the management and regulate every step.

                Win-Win: Customers, Employees, Shareholders' benefit

                Baihe provide the stable and highly qualified products to patients and clinical experts. At the same time, try to make enterprise and employees improved and developed together.


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